Detour Wipes

Detour Wipes

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SOOTH, REFRESH AND CLEAN YOUR FACE AND BODY - Made with Aloe Vera Extract, Nature's Best Medicinal Plant for Cleansing Nasty Unwanted Embarrassing Sweat Residue While Preserving your Organic Body Oils

PROTECT YOUR SKIN FROM ALLERGIC REACTION - Dermatologist Tested, Alcohol Free, Hypoallergenic and Paraben Free Non Irritating Large, Strong, Soft Sheets for Sensitive Skin

EASY, QUICK , CONVENIENT, DISPOSABLE - Take Detours With You to use Anywhere, Anytime You Need to Change a Sweaty Body into Your Own Clean and Pure Sweetness

VALUE PACKAGE - Enough Biodegradable Adult Wipes to Last More then Just a Few Days for Maximum Comfort Without a Shower a Real Bath in a Bag

MADE in the USA, PERFECT FOR - All Active Individuals and Younger Athletes, Sports, Gym, Biking, Camping, Hunting, Hiking, Firefighters, Military Personnel, Runners and Travel All Purpose Bath Wipes

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Detour Wipes was designed for Truck Drivers but work for all of us. Everyday we take for granted that the products we want will be available where and when we want them. That only happens because a trucker spent his day moving and delivering those products from one place to another. Drivers are often faced with situations where they travel hundreds of miles per day and are unable to park at a truck stop where they have an opportunity to get a decent shower. After eleven hours of driving, during a possible fourteen hour work day, the road dirt and accumulated perspiration get quite annoying and make it difficult to get a good nights rest. Detours alleviate that uncomfortable feeling and help drivers sleep better at night and feel more alert during the day. We care about truckers' quality of life.

It only takes a couple of minutes to go from sticky and unappealing to clean and refreshed anywhere, anytime with a package of Detour Wipes in your gym bag, briefcase or purse. We deal with the difficult situation truckers experience, we can deal with your situation too. We care about your quality of life.

We help truck drivers solve their problem, now we'd like to help solve yours.

Our Convenient, Economical Value Package

Our resealable compact package contains 40 wipes, which is designed to last a trucker about a month. One at night before getting into the sleeper and one in the morning to get the day started right, takes care of those days when there's no shower possible. For about the price of one shower, a driver can get twenty days of quick easy soothing comfort. 

A family away from home, an athlete after a workout, or any active individual can freshen up several times from a pack of Detour Wipes, wherever and whenever they need to.

We All Experience Days When We Could Use a Shower


No matter what you do, there are times when situations present themselves that cause us to just plain perspire (sweat). Now there is an easy, quick and convenient solution. 

Detours are available to anyone who doesn't want to finish the day with that nasty feeling of discomfort attributed to perspiration residue (sticky sweaty feeling).

  • You might want to clean your entire body or just your hands and face, with Detours at your side, now that's possible.
  • People of All Ages Sometimes Need Quick CleanUp
  • Kids after Recess or PE
  • Young athletes after practice or a game
  • After that mid-day workout during lunch break
  • While working or playing in the hot sun
  • Nascar, Sports fans - perfect for cooling off during a race or game
  • Keep a pack in the refrgerator overnight as all day cooling towels and a way to keep your lunchbox fresh
  • Don't hesitate to exercise for fear of being unable to clean up after. 
  • Detour Wipes are perfect for that midday clean up before getting back into your daily routine or before heading out with friends to socialize at the local saloon (night club). Never be worried again that there is just a little too much perspiration residue left when you're with friends. (Your friends will love you for it.)

Our Premium Sheet is Large and Soft

Our Unscented and Alcohol Free, Hypoallergenic sheet is tear resistant and nearly puncture proof. It's soft texture and durable construction gets your skin feeling soothed, refreshed and smelling clean, just the way you want it to. They are gentle on your skin so they're good for you too Ladies.

Imagine for yourself, all the times and places where Detours would come in handy.