Detour to the Top 5 Pitstops in the US

Wipe away the grit and grime, like a long-haul truck driver at one of the top 5 pitstops in the US. Seriously, grab a sheet or two from your package of Detour Wipes, oversized durable wipes without any harsh chemicals and get yourself cleaned up, without even using a drop of water.

  1. For its historic significance, stop at the brick South Mountain Welcome Center Rest Area along 1-70 in Myersville, Maryland. After you stretch your legs, clean-up with Detour Wipes, check out the exhibit of the first federal highway, the National Road built in the early 1800s. 
  2. Like a charming resort, the Southeastern Vermont Welcome Center along I-91 near Guilford, Vermont is a great spot to freshen up in the post-and-beam barn, using your unscented Detour Wipes. 
  3. Buc-ee’s in Texas won Cintas’ 2012 America’s Best Restroom Award so you know it will be a five-star experience with your Detour Wipes to tidy up with. The restrooms are gigantic with 83 bathroom stalls and the site contains multiple delis and convenience stores.
  4. Atypical of your bland-looking concrete and brick rest stops along the roads of the US, a rest stop on US Route 1 Overseas Highway, in the Florida Keys, Florida is dotted with thatched-roof huts, near Seven Mile Bridge. Open the cooler for a snack at one of the picnic tables but freshen up before you eat with your extra-large 8”x10” Detour Wipes.
  5. As seen in the movie National Lampoon’s Vacation, the Wolf Creek Overlook in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, is on top of the Continental Divide.  To get more than a stretch during your cross-country drive, hike to the exceptional, awe-inspiring N. Treasure Falls cascading over 100 feet into Falls Creek. Finish off your hike, before you get back in your vehicle with a refreshed feeling all over your body after using alcohol-free, hypoallergenicDetour Wipes.  Your car mates will thank you over and over again. 
Greg Cyr