Detour Wipes - Not Just for Truckers

Greg Cyr, the founder of Detour Wipes, worked for years as a longhaul truck driver. Throughout his career on the road, as he ferried heavy loads back and forth across the country, the same conundrum consistently cropped up: how do you maintain your personal hygiene and professionalism when you're driving miles without a shower in sight?

Greg's answer to this question was to invent Detour Wipes - heavyduty, extra large shower wipes that can be easily used while out on the road, disposed of, and then the remainder stowed out of the way. With Detour Wipes, Greg was able to maintain his much-valued professionalism when representing the companies he hauled for regardless of whether or not shower facilities were readily available along his route.

Since then, customers have found a host of other uses and situations in which Detour Wipes have come in handy. Just the other day, Greg himself discovered just how handy they can be while out golfing. The grips of his clubs were becoming slick from the sweat on his palms. After a quick once-over with his Detour Wipes, his grips were like new once again in all their grippy glory.

You never know when you'll need a quick, easy way to get yourself or something else clean, and that's why Detour Wipes are so useful. If you're a hiker, they're light enough to carry in your pack, allowing you to easily clean off the dust from the trail or to wash your hands before eating. Campers love them too, as Detour Wipes work perfectly to clean off bowls, plates, and eating utensils after each use.

Being invented with cleanliness and ease-of-use in mind, Detour Wipes have proven useful in a variety of situations over the years from athletes, to a variety of uses by moms and dads.

Greg Cyr