A First-Look at The Kenworth W990 Model Truck by Paccar

Truck-maker Paccar recently unveiled its brand new Kenworth W990 model truck at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway to about 100 dealers and customers specifically flown in for the show. Judging by the reaction from customers and dealers alike, you won’t need to be a celebrity to ride in style anymore. 

Paccar went with an extremely driver-centric design that’s intended to provide a clean, comfortable, luxurious ride. The W990 is designed for line haul, pickup, delivery, regional haul and heavy operations and boasts a whopping 131.5 inches from the bumper to the back of the cab thanks to its long-hood design.

The Amenities

The W990 can be ordered in one of several configurations that include a day cab, 40-inch flattop, and 52-inch and 76-inch mid-roof sleeper. The cab measures 2.1 meters, and the driver’s studio includes a 180-degree swivel passenger seat with a rotating table for two, a drawer-style refrigerator and room for a microwave if necessary. 

If you opt for the Kenworth premium audio package you will be treated to a 320-watt amp, 10-inch subwoofer, eight speakers, and a swivel TV mount that can hold up to a 28-inch flat-screen TV. If you’re interested in satellite – it can be prewired for that, too.

Color In-Dash Display

The driver-side dash includes a 7-inch color in-dash display that shows truck-specific navigation, roadside assistance, various vehicle data, hands-free calling, audio controls, blind-spot camera and Internet.

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Marco Perez