No Shower,
No Problem
Take a DETOUR.

Extra large & durable,
  they’ll get you clean
    anywhere & everywhere


The Detour Difference

  • Made in the USA

  • Convenient

  • Alcohol-Free

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Paraben-Free

  • Unscented

  • Extra-Large Size 8″ X 10″

Detour Wipes
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About Us

Whether you’ve driven a million miles or just a few, every day without a shower is misery.

I’m Greg Cyr, a long-haul truck driver and inventor of Detour Wipes. I thought of the idea while driving countless miles without a shower in sight. Detour Wipes allow me to more professionally represent the companies I haul for, to be more comfortable on the road, and to get a better night’s sleep after a long day of driving. 

But truck drivers aren’t the only ones who can benefit from having a shower wipe that is not only unscented but heavy-duty. Campers, bikers, first-responders, and anyone that needs to get clean in a hurry should try Detour Wipes.